Collection Perfection – Replica Fendi Handbags

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These Fendi bags are just a few in the long line of designer Fendi handbags that the Kardashians own. I wish I could wake up everyday and had the hard task of deciding which Fendi bag I would wear that day. I mean, wouldn’t we all? However this isn’t the case and I just don’t have that option.

When I found out that this is actually a real bag that was made for people to buy, I was absolutely shocked. It doesn’t seem like it would be an Fendi creation, especially since it is worlds away from usual chic and streamlined style, but the Hermes Kelly doll bag is something of a mystery to me. Fendi designer handbags are never mysteries to me!

Check out Karlie Kloss and Adriana Lima (above) with their Louis Vuitton handbags and Gucci handbags, respectively. These ladies are flawless! You can also look below this post to find Chrissy Teigan with her Hermas handbag, the Hermes Birkin bag. I love Hermes handbags and Chrissy looks absolutely stunning with hers! I honestly don’t know what’s more beautiful; the designer bags or the ladies. Perhaps it’s a tie!